S I N D A N S U  D E S I G N
Production process


We conduct trend analysis and planning

at clients` request and make clients`

collection designs


We create designs through self-developed designs or purchasing designs from design studios suitable for development collections.

After that, we order Embossing rolls, separate colors from printing rolls and supervise all jobs.


Prepare for Color Matching

We conduct market analysis at clients` request and prepare for manufacturing plans of colors of designs. Also, we regularly inspect stock of Embossing and printing rolls so we can prepare color matching jobs at site.

Color Matching

After all designs of rolls have been stocked, color matching is conducted directly on site,

which would take several days depending on the amount of designs that will be created,

and determine the final color on site,

solving problems that could occur on site.


After discussion with the client,

additional color matching works might occur considering colors meeting needs of local clients and reflecting the latest trend so that we can create high-quality designs.

Finalizing color matching

After finishing color matching,

we organize all materials and deliver them to the site, which will be very crucial for manufacturing products in the future.

Planning catalogs

After the cover design is over,

we revise the order of the new products to make the catalogs.  From the first to the last page,

we communicate with the clients,  considering the locations of images and information.


Production of catalogs

After the final version,

we send it to a designated bookbinder, supervising every factors including the date, images or offset.


After the work is over,

we deliver all materials like the data of

products or print data.


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